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Modelling the yields of Boletus edulis in Picea abies stands on eastern Finland

  • Boletus edulis yields were inventoried during 201-2014 and stand characteristics were measured from 56 sample plots in planted spruce stands.

  • Simulations show that thinnings increase the yields.

  • The net present values (3%) of Boletus edulis is 10% (452 €7ha) of the value of timber.






About North Karelia


Forests and forestry have traditionally played a strong role in this region. Forest coverage is almost 90 % of the land area,  meaning that forests are part of everyday life for the North-Karelian people. Private family forests are the major forest owner group, but forest industry related companies and state forests are also present.

Forests are typically in multiple use, although timber production goals clearly dominate in forest management. Three national parks are located in North Karelia and almost 3 % of the forest area is strictly protected.

The role of NWFPs and in particular edible (commercial) mushrooms, bilberries, cowberries and cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus), has been traditionally strong. However, during the last decade, the interests towards commercial utilisation of berries and mushrooms, and in particular Boletus, have increased. North Karelia could be called “the Boletus-region of Finland”. There are several companies that buy mushrooms and berries from pickers, thus offering the possibility for additional incomes for people living in rural areas. Some signs of new innovations  can be seen, for example the health effects of NWFP and new ways to process NWFPs.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonst ration under grant agreement No. 311919

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